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Further Virgin Olive Oil Poyphenol: Hydroxytyrosol

Polyphenols : The Magic Ingredient In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

That is the second of a series of articles that describe the polyphenol content material of our further virgin olive oil following on from the analysis of our 2020/21 new harvest and what they can do to improve our health.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil is a key function of the Mediterranean Food regimen, which has been largely associated to a number of health benefits. It's now well established that these beneficial effects are because of the polyphenol content of extra virgin olive oil that are known for their remarkable antioxidant activity.

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There are more than 30 phenolic compounds which were recognized in extra virgin olive oil, however not all of them are present in every oil. The massive variety of polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil is completely different in chemical structures and concentrations relying on a number of components including: olive variety, area in which the olive is grown, agricultural strategies, maturity of the olive fruit at harvest, and processing. Certainly, totally different varieties, cultivated in the identical setting and processed at a fixed ripening stage, produce extra virgin olive oil with totally different whole polyphenol profiles.


We are delighted to say that this year’s harvest has produced a low acidity degree of 0.2% along with the highest stage of polyphenols yet seen in our extra virgin olive oil.

This confirms the continued top quality of this uncommon, delicious tasting additional virgin olive oil from this excellent new source, together with its health enhancing qualities from its excessive polyphenol rely.

Polyphenol Hydroxytyrosol

Hydroxytyrosol is a robust polyphenol which occurs naturally in the olive fruit, pulp, leaves and mill waste waters. Chemically, hydroxytyrosol is described as 4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1,2-benzendiol, with the chemical formula C8H10O3.2

Hydroxytyrosol is a widely known minor part present in extra virgin olive oil, which is derived from hydrolysis of the polyphenol oleuropein throughout olive maturation and olive oil storage. olio extravergine di oliva performs an essential role in the complex and diversified flavour of olives and additional virgin olive oil.

It is usually a significant part which largely provides to the stability and longevity of further virgin olive oil.

Hydroxytyrosol is hydrophilic, and absorbed in a dose-dependent manner in humans, with absorption occurring in the small intestine and colon. Uniquely, hydroxytyrosol is the one polyphenol which is ready to cross the blood mind barrier, which allows it to have a big action to scavenge free radicals in the nervous system.

Health Benefits Of Hydroxytyrosol In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hydroxytyrosol has a potent antioxidant activity. It has considered one of the best know ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capability) outcomes known for a pure antioxidant. ORAC is a method used to determine the antioxidant capacity of a meals or chemical substance.

There can be evidence related to the well being advantages of hydroxytyrosol in extra virgin olive oil in the following areas:

Anticancer Activity

Hydroxytyrosol in further virgin olive oil has the capability to inhibit proliferation and promote apoptosis of several tumour cells.Due to this fact, it has been instructed that hydroxytyrosol could have anticancer results. The exact mechanism of these effects is just not effectively defined, and research continues on this house.

Anti-inflammatory Activity

Research has proven that hydroxytyrosol in extra virgin olive oil can cut back the manufacturing of cytokine tumor necrosis issue alpha (TNF alpha) in animal fashions of inflammation.Animal primarily based analysis has also proven that hydroxytyrosol in additional virgin olive oil could also be ready to scale back acute inflammation and related ache.

Antimicrobial Exercise

In vitro experiments have shown that hydroxytyrosol in additional virgin olive oil has antimicrobial properties against infectious respiratory and gastrointestinal pathogens.It's also recognized that hydroxytyrosol in additional virgin olive oil has exercise towards gram optimistic and gram-unfavorable bacteria. Generally, polyphenols have been reported to have vast antimicrobial exercise, reminiscent of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects.

Antithrombotic Exercise

A human examine confirmed that hydroxytyrosol in additional virgin olive oil was able to lower serum thromboxane B2 levels, resulting in an anti-aggregatory platelet impact.Different research helps this discovering, exhibiting that hydroxytyrosol considerably reduces platelet aggregation.

Antiatherogenic Capability And Cardioprotective Effect

It is understood that hydroxytyrosol in further virgin olive oil is a powerful scavenger of free radicals which allows for the reduction in oxidation of low-density-lipoproteins (LDL), probably reducing the danger of atherosclerosis.

Retino-Protective Exercise

Hydroxytyrosol in further virgin olive oil might play a task in lowering the chance of age-associated macular degeneration, however additional research is required in this area to find out the exact mechanism and significance of this preliminary research discovering.

Pores and skin Associated Results

It is believed that oxidative stress performs a serious position in UVA-induced protein damage to the pores and skin. Preliminary analysis exhibits that hydroxytyrosol in further virgin olive oil can work to prevent such UVA injury in melanoma cells.
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